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"The Circle of Love"

"We are moving towards harmonious living here on Earth, though difficult to see. A great spiraling of energy is taking place, moving from thousands of years of empire to Earth Community where the interconnectedness of all life will once again be revered. The Watchers admire Humanity’s evolutionary journey and encourage it. They say, “The further we dare go from one another, while remaining always a part of each other, the stronger we are.” Once we reach the furthest point away from each other on the circle it begins to close again, coming back together. Thus, we form Congruence and Harmony, for ourselves and with others we meet on that journey. This is the Circle of Love."

Mark and Andrea seemed to meet by chance. Yet, looking into each other's eyes, the knowing of an eternal connection suggested otherwise. Was their meeting simply an unintended consequence of being together there and then, or the key to opening a portal into a universe of Humanity’s unanswered questions? Their quest took them beyond confining concepts, and learned helplessness. Are we humans much more than we’ve been taught to believe? Who are we in relationship to the interconnectedness of all life? Where are we headed with our evolution and revolution? Are we really alone in the universe? As their adventure unfolds, Mark and Andrea’s journey teaches an ever-expanding circle of awareness and understanding of life’s unimaginable possibilities and potential.

Sometimes a Story finds the Storyteller, rather than the other way around. When that happens, and this is one of those times, the Story speaks for itself. As the Story unfolds its condensed wisdom, it is absorbed by the Reader’s expanding awareness, leading to even more intuitive insight. Thus, the Storyteller and the Reader become Learners together.

Praise for “The Circle of Love”

Circle of Love is many things: it is a semi auto-biographical spiritual journey of one man with a much larger view, a view with the possibility of a Universal condition of Love as the essence of life.... now (as it once was) and forever. It also takes on a sci-fi/fantasy character as characters’ travel through time and eons are transversed in moments, with special op missions giving it a current military feel at times. As the narration switches between ancient times and modern times, we are able to follow the multi-dimensional aspects at its core. Highly technical descriptions of crafts (both past and futuristic) give it plausibility. Lastly, its wisdom is congruous with contemporary treatises of self-exploration in a world in which many of us believe we are all connected as One with the Universe, and all its life forms. So, not to be trite: add Self-help/philosophy to its categorization. Speaking of which, it would be highly difficult to pin this work down to one genre.... good luck with that, readers! Overall, this book is superbly, intelligently written, with one foot firmly rooted in reality, and the other in a world of potential.

Marji Lexton